Say goodbye to all Ads in 2020 đź‘‹

Vishal Roy
2 min readDec 30, 2019


So while you are enjoying your winter holidays and waiting for the New Year celebration, why not free up your home network from all sorts of advertisements. From all, I literally mean all. After following this tutorial your home network would be free from YouTube, In-App, Website ads and many more.

Before getting started just make sure that you have your router login credentials handy with you.

Getting Started

Now just head over to your router configuration page, which looks something like this —

Step 1:

Open AdGuard’s setup guide and choose the best DNS server according to your requirements. The first two pairs of DNS are IPv4 addresses and the last two are IPv6 addresses. My router supports IPv4 addresses, so I am going to choose that one.

AdGuard’s setup guide page

Step 2:

Head over to your router’s internet setting and there you would find the two DNS fields in which you have to fill up the addresses that you just copied from AdGuard’s website. Now just save the values and restart your router.

Voila !!! You just freed your home network from all the advertisements 🥳

Well, this was a very short and simple tutorial on removing ads. What this setup basically does is that whatever URL requests pass through your router, it redirects it to the AdGuard’s server. Where the servers decode the domain name and send back its IP address to make the content load on your devices. This is how a DNS actually works.

But there’s a catch. In case of AdGuard’s servers, whenever they detect that a URL that is being requested is of some Ad network, then they simply return nothing or “”. Which hence, doesn’t let almost any advertisement load on your device.

In case you’re a person like me who likes DIY all the time and doesn’t want his requests to pass through someone else’s servers, then Pi-Hole is something you should consider looking at. I have personally set it up on Raspberry Pi connected via LAN to my router.

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