How to spot someone in a crowd ?

Vishal Roy
2 min readApr 24, 2020

We all sometimes come across a situation where we are unable to find someone in a very crowded place. A place where you see all other stuff instead of whom who are actually looking for. For sure GPS based location sharing apps help a lot. But they always have some accuracy radius and limitations.

And this is exactly where Flash Me comes into rescue 🚒

1. Idea

Here’s a disclaimer, I stole this idea 🙈

So, I am using Uber for cabs for a few years and I have to admit that it is one of the most perfectly engineered apps I use on my phone. The very first day when I used Uber I noticed that there was an icon that we can click, and then it shows a random colour on the screen with full brightness to help the driver spot you easily. But just a few months back, this idea clicked into my mind that why can’t we use the same technique in our everyday life to sport anyone, anywhere and reduce the latency between finding someone.

2. Making

As usual, I started with the name. The name of the app is “Flash Me”, where “me” refers to the user of the app or the person who is using the app to get spotted by someone else. The logo part was easy, nothing much to explain on that. And for developing the app, I used Flutter to save some time on writing & maintaining two code bases for both iOS & Android. After 6 days, the app was ready.

Now, how the app works ?

  1. Select any random colour once you open the app
  2. Share your GPS location with Flash Card
  3. Now, the person knows where are you & waving your phone in which colour
  4. Be found 🎉
Yes, it’s that easy to use it!

💡 Pro Tip: It also has an SOS mode, which you can activate by double-tapping on the screen. It’ll help you flash even more 🌟

3. Publish

This was the most time taking part of the app’s journey. I published the app on 5th April and it got approved by Google Play on 22nd April (All thanks to Corona). Finally, after being published it took me two days to make it roll to the public. So ladies & gentlemen, go ahead & download the app right now 🥁

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