Helping patients communicate during COVID-19

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

Hey Vishal, we are setting up all the IT stuff in the hospitals. But we have got one problem in between. The hospital has a capacity of around 600 patients, and we need to have something to let them communicate with their families & friends. So we decided to use Android tablets for communication via video calling. Of course, we can’t have 600 tablets for 600 patients.

And at the time we are able to arrange only 30 tablets, and we are just hoping for the shipment to arrive. Yeah, the patients would have to share the tablets. But the problem is that we can’t compromise with someone’s privacy. We don’t want to let one patient see the video call number of the other patients. Video calls would be made only via WhatsApp. So can you make something which can keep the data private and still let the patients communicate?

My exact reaction after hanging up the call ☎️
This is what I finally came up with 🙂
Here’s the progress ;)



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